Summary and Publications

Reviewers were impressed by the candidate’s remarkable repertoire of research skills that she has acquired in her career so far, stellar record of publications, string of awards, and letters of support that speak very highly of her independent drive, strong work ethic and commitment to a career in science.

My unsuccessful/unfunded pre-doctoral NRSA application summary

Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2015 Christina Bejjani
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2016 Christina Bejjani
Social Affective Neuroscience Society 2016 Christina Bejjani
Psychonomic Society 2017 Christina Bejjani
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2018 Christina Bejjani
Psychonomic Society 2018 Christina Bejjani
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2019 Christina Bejjani
Psychonomic Society 2019 Christina Bejjani
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Christina Bejjani

Research Summary

"Cognitive control describes the strategic use of a current context to flexibly modulate our responses in line with internal goals. The overarching goal of my research is to examine how memory guides cognitive control—namely, how past experiences and internal goals can shape our responses to demands in our environment, particularly those that require a great deal of attention."

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Publications and Manuscripts

I have presented over ten posters at domestic and international conferences and published peer-reviewed manuscripts in journals such as Psychological Science and Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. My research has been covered by news outlets such as Forbes and Newsweek.