Philosophy and Resources

You can view my diversity philosophy here.

I cannot more highly recommend becoming involved in the community, as I found this to be a fulfilling part of my PhD education. One thing, for example, that still bothers me is that the only Arab-American female professor I have ever met was someone outside my field, introduced to me by the owner of a falafel store I frequented in Montclair, New Jersey. Seeing yourself reflected in your discipline is crucial. As is sharing the knowledge that we're being taught. Below is a selected list of outreach events I attended while in graduate school.

I will not be able to list every resource oriented to diversity, equity, and inclusion. There is a meta resource of resources for cognitive neuroscience, but not one on this front (that I know of). Below I will list a few of the awards, websites, and organizations that I have come across again and again.

Finally, I can't quantify how important it is to read about diverse experiences and how deeply this has impacted me. The first time I read a book that featured an Arab character, I was in 10th grade, and this only occurred because of my teacher. Let's all work towards a more equitable future.