Christina Bejjani, PhD

C. Bejjani, PhD

Cognitive scientist in tech

I am a cognitive scientist dedicated to answering questions about human behavior with methodological and analytical rigor, generating data-driven insights, promoting an inclusive community that grows potential for all learners, and learning new skills and frameworks.

I earned a B.A. in neuroscience from Pomona College in 2013 and worked as a research assistant at UCLA before becoming the lab manager for the Learning & Decision Making lab at Rutgers-Newark in 2014. From 2016-2021, I earned my Ph.D. in cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience as part of the Egner lab at Duke University. I now work as a data scientist in industry.

Broadly speaking, my academic research focused on how we learn to adapt our attention in various scenarios and how to apply psychological research to better educational and mental health outcomes. Outside of lab, I like to read and write longer fiction works and make Middle Eastern food.